Monday, 01 October 2018

How To Make Calibration Process Quicker & Easier


For calibration of devices in the process industries AUTOCAL is  a powerful tool. For quicker & easier calibration AUTOCAL is key product.


Autocal is an automatic temperature calibration system. The system consists of a Software, high resolution multiplexed 6 ½ digit Multimeter for thermocouples and RTDs; it needs a calibration furnace / bath. The Software provides Auto Calibration.

  1.  Define the Serial numbers, type of Thermocouple/ RTD, calibration point.
  2.  System takes the calibration furnace/ bath to predefined calibration temperature points.
  3.  System waits for the furnace/ bath to get stabilized and then takes ten reading of master, and test sensors. Standard deviation and averages are analyzed to see that the readings are in order, then stored.
  4.  The system takes the furnace / bath to the next temperature point. Step 3) is repeated till all points are completed.
  5.  At the end of the calibration, corrections are made automatically. Reports are prepared, which are compatible as per requirements of ISO 17025.

The system provides control of upto 4 furnaces/ baths, temperature readout for 12 Channels of thermocouple & 12 Channels 4 wire RTD switching. It is a rack mountable, easy connection model The Autocal is ideal for applications needing a relay multiplexer which has automatic calibration process, data saving and report generation.

Key Features

  1.  Capable of storing all information of Field Instruments in a single Database.
  2.  Stores individual calibration information of instruments.
  3.  Communicates with many instruments using RS-232 Serial Bus, also option available to calibration instruments without Serial Interface.
  4.   Maintains history of Calibration Records.
  5.  Calibration Reports in compliance with ISO 9001.
  6.  Calibration due date reminder.
  7.  Printing of User Definable Calibration Reports.
  8.  Compatible with Microsoft Windows Platform.
  9.  Powerful Graphical Presentation.
  10.  All Screens in full colour / Help Screens.
  11.  Simultaneous Calibration of Temperature, Electrical / Signal Calibrators .(optional)


The 'Autocal' is PC side software which takes the data from the system using TCP/IP or Ethernet connection. The software is designed in such a way to calibrate the given thermocouples and RTD according to pre-defined temperature ranges or inputs.

Data Logging

The data logging process is used to store data for all the channels with pre-defined time. The data is visible on screen and can be saved in excel format in PC. You can start/clear/stop data logging process by clicking the proper button. The 'Autocal' PC software thus stores all the readings in the database and reports can be viewed according to the data and can be used for printing.


The reports for ‘auto-calibration’ can be viewed by specifying the particular date and then clicking on ‘Show Reports’ Button.