• Steel

    We have manufactured sensors for various global steel works since our formation in 1975, so we understand how to meet the exact specifications that are required to measure the temperature of steel.

  • Die Casting

    We manufacture temperature sensors for engines and motors. Temperature sensors are used in engines for several reasons, including measuring oil temperature and exhaust gas temperature.

  • Power Plant

    We manufacture temperature sensors for a variety of industries related to power generation, including solar and waste to energy (Energy from waste).

  • Heat Treatment

    If you need to alter the physical or chemical properties of a material through heat treating, Tempsens can help.

  • Oil & Gas

    Thermocouples in the oil and gas industries help ensure quality, safety, and consistency. Tempsens provides premium thermocouples essential to accurately and reliably fulfilling these important roles.

  • Cement

    We manufacture temperature sensors for a variety of industries related to mineral products, including brick kilns, concrete curing and clinker/cement production.

  • Aluminum

    We supply temperature sensors for aluminium plants and also aluminium service providers, both involved in the primary and secondary production of aluminium.

  • Glass

    We manufacture many type of thermocouples for the glass industry. We supply to glass plants, glass furnace contractors and glass furnace manufacturers.

  • Ceramic

    We provide many types of thermocouples and supply directly to various ceramic manufacturers, including porcelain, sanitary fixtures, ceramic tiles, insulators, tableware, wear resistance ceramic compo

  • Petrochemical

    We work closely with many companies to design temperature probes for a variety of plants and environments such as catalyst tanks and partial oxidation reactors (POX).

  • Calibration Service

    Tempsens offers a complete range of temperature calibration types of equipment for calibration of Contact Type Sensors (Thermocouple, RTD) and Non-Contact Type Sensors (Pyrometer).

  • Laboratory & Testing

    We supply to various testing laboratories and manufacturers of equipment that use our temperature sensors for monitoring and testing applications.