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Tempsens offers industrial heating solutions for processes whichcan be broadly classified as low-temperature (to about 400 °C),medium-temperature (between 400 and 1,150 °C), and high-temperature (beyond1,150 °C).

Low-temperature processes include baking and drying, curingfinishes, soldering, molding and shaping plastics. Medium temperature processesinclude melting plastics and some non-metals for casting or reshaping, as wellas annealing, stress-relieving and heat-treating metals. High-temperatureprocesses include steel making, brazing, welding, casting metals, cutting,smelting and the preparation of some chemicals.

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  • Tubular Heater

    Tubular heaters are designed for direct contact heating of water, oils, viscous materials, solvents, process solutions and gases

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  • Cartridge Heater

    Using only highest quality material, Tempsens Cartridge Heater can give very high watt density with operating temperature up to 600 Celsius

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  • Silicon Flexible Heater

    Silicon flexible heaters provide outstanding performance in applications up to 250°C under a variety of operating conditions. Self- Adhesive version is available

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  • Flanged Immersion Heater

    Flanged industrial immersion heaters are amongst the most popular heaters owing to wide customization, easier installation and operations in stringent environment.

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