Calibration Equipment

We offer the wide line of temperature calibration equipment for calibration of contact type sensors (Baths/furnaces) and non-contact type sensors (Black Bodies), available in the temperature range -80°C to 1700°C. Our products include Liquid bath, Dry Block Furnaces, Black Bodies, Reference Junction Units, and Master Sensors. These calibrators are available in both Portable and Laboratory models. These highly accurate & reliable units are offered at very competitive prices.

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  • Liquid Baths

    Calsys -80/50, Calsys -40/50, Calsys -35/50, Calsys -35/200, Calsys 120SP, Calsys 250, Calsys 300SP

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  • Dry Block

    Calsys -15/110, Calsys 120SP, Calsys 650, Calsys FB, Calsys 1200, Calsys 1200L, Calsys 12003Z, Calsys 1500L, Calsys 1700L

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  • Black Body

    Calsys 500BB, Calsys 1200BB, Calsys 1500BB, Calsys 1700BB

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