Kanthal Globar SG and SR are Kanthal's Highest performance Silicon Carbide (SiC) heating elements, designed to exceed the requirements of today's most demanding high-temperature processes. With a porosity of less than half of conventional recrystallized silicon carbide heating elements, Kanthal Globar SG and SR elements react much more slowly with the process atmosphere, whether this be oxidizing or reducing atmosphere.

Kanthal Globar SR Element

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This allows Kanthal Globar SG and SR elements to be applied in equipment where conventional elements cannot be used, extends the element life, and permits the use of a less expensive electrical power supply. 

Due to the special manufacturing process, Kanthal Globar SR can be manufactured so that both terminals is only at one side, which allows specific installation method to be possible. For example, at the roof of the furnace, when inserted in heater tube, or when inserted halfway from only 1 side of the furnace. 

Application Example

Aluminum Immersion Heater - Glass Furnace - Laboratory Furnace - Gold Assay Furnace - High-Temperature Furnace