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The ROB system consists of Fibrothal inslation modules with built-in mounting system and special shaped heating elements of round wire. This type of heating module gives the highest efficiency or radiation heating. The free hanging of the heating elements also free the heating elements from any stressed and deformation during operations. This will ensure longer lifetime of the heating elements when compared to other type or shape of electric heating systems.

General ROB Advantages:

  • Free-radiating heating element up to 1300 Celsius element temperature
  • Can change heating elements with replacing the module
  • long heating element length over several modules possible, therefore far fewer terminal connection are required
  • High Power concentration can be installed
  • Only small number of anchoring is needed, which reduce number of heat bridges inside the furnace
Application Example

Annealing Furnace - Reheating Furnace - Pit Furnace - Heat Treatment Furnace - Aerospace Heat Treating - Tempering Furnace - Oven - Boogie Hearth Furnace