Heating Wire C Picture

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Spiral and Strip heating elements have open circuits consisting of coiled resistance wire (usually NiCr or FeCrAl) fixed onto a supporting element that heats the medium directly. Termed as the most efficient and versatile while also the most economically feasible solution for heating, these elements have fast heat up times that improve efficiency and have been designed for low maintenance and inexpensive replacement parts. When an electrical current is applied to the wire, it gives off heat. The wire is connected to the control panel which regulates the amount of heat provided by the electric heater and fills the tunnel of the air handling unit. Because of the low mass and fast response time, SSR or SCR switching devices are advisable.  They serve as an indirect solution to decrease watt density requirements and prevent heat sensitive materials from breaking down.

We help our customer making a design for new heater requirement or evaluate to improve existing heater performance. We preheat our heater to a certain temperature to make sure the heater hold its shape. We do QC on the heater in accordance to the highest standard, which will give the best tolerance on the heater performance. 

Application Example

Aluminum Holding Furnace - Drying Oven - Heat Treatment Furnace - Furnace Heater - Annealing Furnace - Spiral Heater - Strip Heater