If you need to alter the physical or chemical properties of a material through heat treating, Tempsens can help. Tempsens heat treating thermocouples allow you to accurately measure and maintain the right temperatures for softening, hardening, and material modification. Common treatments include, but are not limited to:

- Annealing

- Austempering

- Martempering

- Case hardening

- Precipitation strengthening

- Normalizing

- Quenching

Given the heat treatment process, your thermocouples to be able to not only accurately record extreme temperatures, but also handle them without breaking or malfunctioning. Tempsens’ specialty sensors are designed for extreme environments, allowing for consistently accurate readings that help you increase the strength of a material or alter other properties.


Different heat treatments can span a wide range of temperatures and require specific types or styles of thermocouples. We manufacture several different types of thermocouples and thermocouple accessories in house, testing every single one in our accredited quality control laboratory to make sure that they’re right for your applications.