Power Plant Picture

We manufacture temperature sensors for a variety of industries related to power generation, including solar and waste to energy (Energy from waste). Temperature sensors are often one of many process control instruments that are critical to power generation. We supply to a wide range of organisations from nuclear power plants to district council energy recovery facilities. We supply both directly to end-user power plants and also to supporting organisations across the full life-cycle of the power generation industry.

Whatever the process, whether it is new or existing, we can supply the appropriate temperature sensor. If you are unable identify the specification of thermocouple or resistance thermometer you require, we can also help identify your requirements.

Power Plant Thermocouples

We supply several designs of thermocouples to various types of power plants, including both fossil fuel and nuclear power.

Wherever is its standard replacements of thermocouples within power plant operations or more specialist projects, we can help. Some of our projects include  supplying organisations involved in acid gas management within fossil fuel power plants.