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We manufacture temperature sensors for engines and motors. Temperature sensors are used in engines for several reasons, including measuring oil temperature and exhaust gas temperature. We also supply a wide range of related components such as platinum thermocouple wire and high temperature ceramics.

Whatever the type of engine, whether it is new high performance powertrain or existing industrial diesel engine, we can supply the appropriate temperature sensor and components. If you are unable identify the specification of thermocouple or resistance thermometer you require, we can also help identify your requirements.

Automotive Temperature sensors

We design and manufacture a variety of temperature sensors for automotive use. On the other end of the scale we work with various organisations to develop exhaust gas thermocouples for emissions and control. We specialise in creating vibration resistant exhaust thermocouples and can replicate and improve existing sensor designs. We manufacture all sensors for automotive diesel engines mainly supplying organisations that repair and recondition diesel engines.