We supply temperature sensors for aluminium plants and also aluminium service providers, both involved in the primary and secondary production of aluminium. We understand that strict temperature control is critical to an aluminium plants efficiency. Our experience in manufacturing temperature sensors enables to meet your exact requirements and standards. Whether you are a plant or provide service and maintenance to the aluminium industry, you can benefit from using Tempsens as your temperature sensors supplier.

Aluminium Thermocouples

There are a number of specialist thermocouples that we supply to the aluminium industry. Whether it be pyrolysis of scrap, remelting or casting we can manufacture thermocouples to suit. Some of the aluminium thermocouples we can manufacture include:

  • Aluminium Remelt Sensors
  • Cast Iron Thermocouples
  • Syalon Thermocouples
  • Slab Thermocouples
  • Furnace Roof Thermocouples
  • Carbon/Anode Bake Thermocouples

We can replicate thermocouples from drawings or broken probes, or even improve existing designs. This can be to keep your existing plant operating or to supply new requirements.