Tempsens manufacture many thermocouples for the Glass Industry. We supply directly to glass plants, glass furnace contractors and glass furnace manufacturers. Our sensors are used throughout the glass manufacturing process, including melting, refining or working end processes. As temperature control experts, we know how important it is to measure the temperature of glass accurately during the manufacturing process. A satisfactory standard of product can only be achieved with adequate temperature control.

Tempsens and Glass Manufacturing

Our aim is to help you maximise your furnace performance, while eliminating any thermometry issues you have had with previous suppliers. We provide thermocouples to many different types of glass manufacturer including:

  • Container Glass
  • Fiberglass
  • Float Glass

  • Tableware Glass
  • Tubing
  • Speciality Glass

Thermocouple Designs for Glass Manufacture

An advantage of using our thermocouples is that, compared to the competition, our sensors are heavily shielded from mechanical damages and we have procedures which ensure that thermocouple drift is minimised. There is a wide variety of glass furnace thermocouple we manufacture, they include:

  • Forehearth Thermocouples
  • Bottom Thermocouples
  • Backwall Thermocouples
  • Sidewall/Breastwall Thermocouples
  • Crown Thermocouples
  • Regenerator Thermocouples

  • Cullet Thermocouples
  • Throat Thermocouples
  • Working End Thermocouples
  • Refiner Thermocouples
  • Distributor Thermocouples
  • Plunger – Spout Thermocouples

  • Tin Bath Thermocouples
  • Bowl Thermocouples
  • Canal Thermocouples
  • Lehr Roof Thermocouples
  • Flue/Stack Thermocouples
  • Glass Level Probes