Tempsens offers a complete range of temperature calibration types of equipment for calibration of Contact Type Sensors (Thermocouple, RTD) and Non-Contact Type Sensors (Pyrometer). Our Calibration range is from -196°C to 3200°C

Temperature sensors with time are subject to thermal, mechanical and chemical stress which leads to drift from original sensed values. For this reason timely calibration of Temperature sensors is a pre requisite to get exact process values. Keeping this in mind we offer Dry block Temperature Calibrators, Liquid Baths, Blackbody Calibrators, Reference Junctions and Master Sensors which aid the end user in the optimum functioning of their temperature sensors.

The calibrators are available in both Portable and Laboratory models. These highly accurate & reliable units are offered at very competitive prices. We at Tempsens offer both in house and on site calibration for our valuable customers.